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Programs for Libraries

More than 1100 groups of area children learn about the natural world with the Tenafly Nature Center each year. With their boundless curiosity, they touch, observe and listen to the natural world. Invite one of our professional educators to bring classroom concepts to life and lead your students in hands-on learning with live animals and/or artifacts from our 380-acre living museum.

Our programs are designed to help educators meet some of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standards, Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, Next Generation Science Standards, and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, and have been developed for students ages 3 and up.

These programs are designed to be taught at your location.

If a subject of interest to you does not appear below, please contact the Education Director for more information on how we can design programs to reinforce your curriculum.

TNC to Go Pricing

 60-Minute Library Program
 1st Program (NJ & NY)  $200
 1st Program (NYC boroughs)  $325*
 Consecutive Programs  $125
  •  There is no additional charge for supervising adults.
  • *Additional fee is included to the First program fee for all New York City boroughs visits to cover NYC permit requirements.
  • A mileage charge of the current IRS rate per mile round trip is added to the program fee if the location is outside of Tenafly.
  • One parking space must be provided near the entrance of your location (if no parking is available at your site then a fee will be added to cover any associated garage fees).
  • Consecutive programs are programs held one right after another, for different classes, in the same school with no more than a 60 minute break between two of the programs.
  • If your funds are limited, please consider applying for a scholarship (we strive to make nature accessible to everyone).

TNC to Go Library Programs (All programs are 45-60 minutes):

    For all ages (3 and up):

    1. Creatures of the Night
      Do you know if you are nocturnal, diurnal, or crepuscular? Join educators from the Tenafly Nature Center and find out! Through live animal demonstrations, learn about local species that inhabit the dark. From owls to opossums, learn about the amazing adaptations creatures posses to roam the nighttime landscape.

    2. Heavenly Herps
      “Herps” (reptiles and amphibians) are among the most under-appreciated and misunderstood species of the animal world. This program will introduce students to live snakes, frogs, salamanders and turtles and highlight the characteristics which distinguish between reptiles and amphibians.

    3. Oogling Owls
      Students learn how these nocturnal raptors have adapted to night flight, as they observe our live resident owl. Your class will learn about NJ’s owls’ status by discussing the pros and cons of human interactions with these powerful and efficient predators.

    4. Rapp’n with Raptors
      Students will observe several live raptors up close and learn about their behavior, physiology, adaptations, ecological importance and natural history. Hands-on artifacts and demonstrations will capture the imagination of young and old.

    5. The World Beneath Our Feet
      A hole in the ground is always mysterious as it invites curiosity and wonder. Learn about the creatures that live underground as we shed some light on the mysteries under our feet. Discover what other unseen organisms might share this world and how they affect our lives from below.
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      For children ages 3 to 6:

      1. Creative Camouflage
        Is it a stick? Is it a rock? Students discover how various creatures are shaped or colored to blend into their surroundings. Classes meet animals that survive by using camouflage and play a hands-on game to see if they can do better than nature at keeping animals hidden!

      2. Creature Double Feature
        Students use their senses to meet live animals. They will discover how they are different and similar to these creatures. Focusing on how each species adapts to survive in its environment (what it eats, what covers its body, etc.), helps children gain a respect for and decrease their fears of several animal species.

      3. Sleep, Stay, Run Away
        Students learn how animals know winter is on the way and how they prepare for it, Students will investigate winter strategies with hands-on activities, artifacts, and live animal observations. Discussions include adaptations, hibernation, migration and animal behavior.

      4. Wonderful Wiggling Worms (for groups with <30 children)
        Dig in and discover the slimy yet satisfying wormy world under our feet! Students learn about the roles worms play in the ecosystem and how they recycle and convert scraps into nutrient-rich soil. Through hands-on interactions, songs, preschoolers will develop an understanding and appreciation of nature, and help build up their observation skills.
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        Best for children ages 7 and up:

        1. Endangered NJ
          Learn about the major factors that threaten animals with endangerment and extinction worldwide. Through use of artifacts and live animals, participants will learn the status of select native New Jersey fauna. Activities are designed to raise awareness of New Jersey’s over 60 endangered species, and inspire participants to practice how they can help prevent threats to local wildlife.

        2. Incredible Invertebrates
          Students meet several live specimens as they learn what makes an insect different from other invertebrates By observing life stages and adaptations, students will learn how unique each creature is and why they are important to the environment and people alike.

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