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Become a Junior Naturalist

The Junior Naturalist guide books gives children the opportunity to test their environmental knowledge while teaching them more about Tenafly Nature Center.

How It Works

Families with children ages 4-12 can request a Junior Naturalist seasonal guide book at the visitors center. Each guide book is a guide to becoming a Junior Naturalist at Tenafly Nature Center. 

  • Members: Free
  • Non-members: $5 per guide book.

    To earn a badge:

    1. Find your age group's symbol.
      The guide book is separated in to three sections: one for the all ages, one for younger children (ages 7 and up) and one for older children (10 and up). 
      1. Activities for all ages are marked by an acorn near the page title.
      2. Activities for younger children are marked by an oak tree near the activity title.
      3. Activities for older children are marked by a squirrel near the activity title.
    2. Complete all the activities for your age group.
      Older children should attempt all of the activities in the guide book. The guide book can be filled in by using the activities as family activities or with someone helping the child.

    3. Review the guide book with a TNC Environmental Educator.
      When the guide book is completed, children bring it to the appropriate TNC staff person who reviews the booklet then gives the child a certificate official Junior Naturalist patch (one per guide book).

    4. Complete all four guide book to become a Master Oak All Star and earn four different patches.

    The Guide Book

    There are four guide books available throughout the year, one for each season.

    Designed for children four to twelve years of age the colorful activity guide book of the Junior Naturalist Program contains helpful hints to make the completion of the guide book a family affair. There are also tips throughout the guide book to help parents have a safe and memorable visit with things to learn for all ages.

    The last activity, to be done by all children, regardless of their age, is a question and answer activity. This inquiry based activity allows the children- and adults!- to think back on their visit and obtain answers to any questions they had about the things they experienced or learned about.

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