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Over 60 Years of Community Service 

Lost Brook Trail Race: Race History & Results

Race History

In 1983, the Tenafly Nature Center with the help of the Township of Tenafly, organized a fundraiser in the form of a running race. For four consecutive years, the Raccoon Run was held on Father’s Day and consisted of both a 5k and 10k road race. This event was an important fundraiser for the nature center that attracted hundreds of runners.

In 1986 (the last year this race was held on behalf of the nature center), over 200 runners participated. In the 10k, Jeff Van Horn won the men’s race with a time of 34:44 and Barbara Reinderes captured the women’s title with a time of 42:02. In the 5k event, placing first for the men with a respectable time of 16:31 was Dominick Tabbachino, and for the women, Jennifer Van Horn was victorious with a time of 18:50.

Interestingly enough, this race still exists today. Now called the Tenafly 5k and Dog Walk, this event has become a fundraiser for the Tenafly Educational Foundation.

The Lost Brook Trail Race is a resurrection of the once great Raccoon Run and the first organized trail-running event in this nature preserve. This event is on a mission to continue the fund-raising tradition that began 27 years ago. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Tenafly Nature Center in support of their mission.

Race Results

Course Records

  • 5-Mile:
    Jaden Uram, 33:02
    Christina Allen, 37:07
  • 10-Mile:
    Michael Fonder, 1:00:27
    Lexi Abel, 1:14:51

2011-2022 Results

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