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Online Schedule 


New videos on different nature topics and activities everyday on our Facebook Page! 

Tune in at 4:00pm daily. Most videos will be saved and can be watched at a later time. 

Past Videos 
Videos can still be found on our Facebook Page under videos.  


  • What Did Animals Do During Winter? Age level: Pre-K/K
  • What is a Tree? Age level: Pre-K-1st
  • Camouflage. Age Level: Pre-K-5th 
  • Backyard Bird Basics. Age Level: 3rd Grade and Up 
  • What is the Weather? Age Level: Pre-K-1st
  • Nocturnal Animals. Age Level: 1st-5th 
  • Have to Have a Habitat. Age Level: 1st-3rd 
  • Biomimicry
  • Seed Dispersal. Age Level: 1st-5th 
  • Preschool Insect Sing-a-long
  • Fishing Basics

Special Guests:

  • Captain Hugh from Hackensack Riverkeeper
  • Sienna from Flatrock Brook
  • Joe from NJ Batman
  • Erin from Snakes-n-Scales
  • Alexa from Teaneck Creek Conservancy 
  • David Alexander 


  • Pond Watching
  • Backyard Bird Feeder Exploration
  • Adventures with Anna
  • Nature Exploration-Turning Over Rocks
  • Guided Nature Walk-Yellow Trail
  • Pond Ecology 
  • Salamander Search

Arts & Crafts:

  • Toilet Paper Roll Tree
  • Recycled Art Fashion Show Contest 
  • Friendship Bracelet Making
  • Natural Egg Dying
  • Painting Trees 
  • Coffee Filter Suncatchers 
  • Art in Nature 
  • DIY Sensory Snow
  • DIY Homemade Ice Cream

Animal Encounters:

  • Animal Feeding (Snakes, Turtles, Bearded Dragon)
  • Meet a Walking Stick
  • Meet Tangle. Our Newest Animal Ambassador, a Juvenile Corn Snake
  • TNC Pet Spotlight: Meet Tato, Anna's Cat
  • TNC Pet Spotlight: Meet Alex's Two Dogs
  • Animal Ambassador of the Month: Chinchilla 
  • TNC Pet Spotlight: Meet Mochi & Geletoni, Caroline's Fancy Rats 


  • Nature Trivia 1-TNC Themed
  • Nature Trivia 2-Wildlife Themed 
  • Animal Sounds
  • What's My Diet? 
  • Nature Trivia 3 
  • Bird Calls


  • Nature Poetry
  • TNC Travel Tuesdays: Fiji
  • TNC Travel Tuesdays: African Savannah 
  • Children's Poetry 
  • Cooking with Anna
  • TNC Travel Tuesdays: Sanibel Birding 
  • Saturday Science: Make your own Lava Lamp
  • Environmental Scientist Explains PPE
  • DIY Natural Tick Repellent
  • What to do when it's raining? 
  • Make a Nature Sound Cloud 

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