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Celebrating 50+ Years of Environmental Leadership

For over half a century, the Tenafly Nature Center has fostered a wide-reaching understanding and appreciation of nature, through leadership in open-space preservation and education programs focused on nature, science and the environment. Please consider making a donation to support TNC. Help us celebrate our past to preserve our future!

“The investment is small, the dividends are great”
Larry Smith, 1966 TNC Membership Chair

Before TNC

Here is an article from our Spring 1987 newsletter that will give you a sense of what Tenafly and the surrounding areas were like in the 1930's. 

TNC Timeline

1960s: A Green Island in Tenafly

  • 1961 – Tenafly Nature Center Association formed to develop a “Living Workshop” on 64 acres
  • 1966 – Redfield Building Visitors’ Center completed
  • 1969 – Full-time Naturalist-Director hired with grants from Borough and the Tenafly Board of Education

1970s: The Fight for Lost Brook Preserve

  • 1972 – Borough of Tenafly begins efforts to purchase 274-acre “Palisades Woodland”
  • 1976 – Generous State, Federal, Local and Private groups and Citizens raise $9.35 million to buy Lost Brook Preserve

1980s & 90s: Membership, Facilities & Program Growth

  • 1980s – Endowment Fund begins with 16 subscribers; DeFilippi Bird Watching Shelter & Boardwalk built
  • 1983 – First 5K & 10K “Raccoon Run” through Tenafly
  • 1990s – Pavilion with Fireplace built for outdoor classes; First Art Show & Raffle; First Annual Fund Drive

2000s: Extending TNC’s reach

  • 2005 – With Lost Brook Preserve added to lease, TNC stewards 380 acres
  • 2006 – TNC Education Director works to organize regional Nature Program Co-operative

TNC Today...

  • TNC Programs reach 23,000 people each year through 1,100 on-site and outreach programs
  • TNC employs 2 full-time staff plus 5 part-time and 2-3 seasonal environmental educators
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