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Over 60 Years of Community Service 

Nature Center Scholarships

Tenafly Nature Center does not want to turn any child away from making a connection with nature and strives to give all children access to time spent in nature, regardless of their ethnic, social or economic backgrounds. Therefore scholarships are made possible each year through the generous donations of individuals and organizations. 

Through our Adopt-A-Class scholarship program, your donation will enable children to take part in TNC's science and environmental education field trips and classroom outreach. Donate to support our scholarship program today!

Organized Groups

Are you interested in bringing your students on a field trip to the Tenafly Nature Center or bringing our Environmental Educators to your classroom, but lack the funds to pay for the program? Tenafly Nature Center provides scholarship assistance to school groups and other eligible organizations to fund programs for children that may not otherwise have the opportunity to visit a natural area or participate in an environmental education program due to financial hardship.

Through the generosity of others, we have a limited amount of scholarship funds available that may be used for either Field Trips to our 380-acre living museum or to bring one of our professional Environmental Educators to your classroom. Scholarships are limited and are awarded on a first come-first served, as needed basis.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applications for eligible classrooms will be considered and awarded on a first-come, first serve basis. Teachers are encouraged to apply well in advance of planned field trips as funds are limited.
  • Participating teachers are required to complete a post field trip evaluation.
  • You must secure a field trip date before submitting this application.
Group Scholarship FAQ’s
  1. How are scholarships determined?
    Scholarships are awarded primarily based on need. The scholarship committee will confidentially review applications and determine awards.
  2. How many scholarships can my class receive?
    All classes are eligible for up to one scholarship per class, per school year.
  3. How can I apply for a scholarship for my entire grade?
    If your whole grade would like to apply for scholarships, please have one representative fill out the application. 
  4. How much money is available for scholarships?
    Limited funds are available. Scholarships are awarded in various amounts; some partial scholarships may be awarded.
  5. When are the deadlines for scholarship applications?
    There is no deadline for scholarship applications. We do advise that you sent your application in as soon as possible as there is a limited amount of funding for scholarships.
  6. When will scholarship applications be reviewed?
    Our goal is to respond to requests within two weeks of receipt.
  7. How will I be notified whether or not my school will receive a scholarship?
    You will be notified with an official letter via email if a scholarship has been awarded to your school. Once awarded you must finalize program details with the Education Director within seven school days. If this seven day timeline is not met, you may forfeit your scholarship for the year.
  8. When is payment due? 
    Payment is required by the date listed on your program confirmation form, unless you have made other arrangements in advance with the TNC Education Director. If a class fails to pay their remaining balance, they will forfeit all future Scholarship opportunities for the entire school.
  9. What is your cancellation policy? 
    Please see our cancellation policy here. Please note that canceling a scholarship program may mean forfeiting your scholarship award for that year.
  10. My class did not receive a scholarship. Why not? 
    If you do not receive a scholarship, it may be because you submitted an incomplete application, your application was illegible, or we did not have enough funds to cover your school. We give priority to schools most in need of our support. Please see our Program Funding Resources for other scholarship resources.

Please note: All Scholarship recipients will be asked to commit to creating thank you cards, submitted to TNC to be shared with our Scholarship donors. Thank you for helping us to share the impact of these programs with our supporters!

Application Requirements:

  1. Contact our Programs Manager to schedule a Field Trip or TNC to Go visit.
  2. Complete the entire group scholarship application.

Scholarships are limited and are awarded on a first come-first served, as needed basis.

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