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Birthday Party Add-ons

Step 2: Pick any add-ons

We offer a variety of add-ons that can be tailored to your party. Check out what's available below.
Birthday's are a member benefit. Family Membership is required
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Optional party add-ons <30
To Go
     Dishes and Flatware Rental $40
     Campfire S’mores - Basic
$50 ---
     Campfire S’mores - Deluxe
$75 ---
     Natural Craft
$50 $50
     Animal Sponsorship


Dishes and Flatware Rental
Want less mess? Have TNC make your life easier! Borrow our reusable and fun themed plastic plates, cups, and flatware. We’ll even wash it when you’re done! For on-site parties only-up to 50 guests total (children and adults included.


Campfire S’mores-Basic or Deluxe (30 minutes)
Roast marshmallows and make this delicious sandwich with chocolate bars and graham crackers in our pavilion fireplace. Make it deluxe and add in various candy bars, cookies, and your choice of hot chocolate or apple juice. Kosher options available with advance notice. 

Natural Craft (30 minutes)
Guests can get in touch with their crafty side and create a naturally inspired project while arriving or after your program ends. Options include: 
  • Decorate binoculars 
  • Flower pot painting
  • Woodland Crown

Animal Sponsorship 
Give the gift Help support the Animal Ambassadors that live at TNC. 
  • A meet and greet with your sponsored animal at a scheduled TNC Birthday Party for up to 25 guests.
  • Animal Sponsorship certificate.
  • Recognition in our quarterly newsletter, Tenafly Nature Center Nature & News.
  • Species information sheet.
  • Sponsored animal's biography.
  • A 8x10 photograph of your sponsored animal.
  • Small present from TNC for the guest of honor 

Choices: Corn Snake, Kingsnake, Pine Snake, Box Turtle, Wood Turtle, Leopard Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Bullfrog, American Toad, Spotted Salamander, Chinchilla, Fancy dumbo rat, Barred Owl, Red-tailed Hawk.

TNC To Go (Maximum group size is 30 children)

Many of our TNC Educator-led party add-ons are available for off-site parties and can travel to your house or party location. This addition will run for 30 minutes after your one-hour TNC Educator-led scheduled program at your desired location. All add-ons must be done indoors. 

All Photos courtesy of Mark Saunders Photography
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