Wish list

To help reduce program expenses, Tenafly Nature Center relies on the donation of supplies, services and/or equipment that are used fulfilling its mission. With your donation of any item on this list (or the funds to purchase the item(s), you actively become a part of our mission of education, conservation and recreation. The following categories include a number of items that would really help Tenafly Nature Center. 
Thank you for considering supporting the purchase of one or more of these items.  You can send a check (just name the item on the memo line) or use your credit card on our donation page.  Just select "Other (please explain below) from the pull down menu (Donation type) and note what you would like your donation applied to in the text box.  Please join our growing list of Wish Fulfillers!  


Amazon Wish List
If you are looking for a quick way to see what our education staff is looking for to make our programming more effective take a look at our Amazon Wish List which has dozens of donation ideas (please don't for get to use AmazonSmile everytime you make a purchase).  
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iPads - ~$1,000
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Technology like the iPad can enhance a visitor's experience as both a fixed position exhibit as well as mobile guided and self-guided trail tours. This technology is being used in many museums, nature centers, aquariums and botanical gardens.

Compact (stacked) Laundry Center - $1,500
Tenafly Nature Center has education programs that generate laundry. This includes public programs like apple cidering (the press bags) as well as summer camps (e.g. towels). Staff currently take laundry home to wash. It would be extremely useful to have a small laundry center on site. This unit fits in the limited space we have available.

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TNC owns a rare taxidermy specimen of the extinct Passenger Pigeon that is housed with other birds in a glass container.  It is quite old and needs an experienced taxidermist to restore it and place it in a portable display case.  It will be then used to illustrate the impact of extinction in education programs.

Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom Design & Educator Workshop - $7,700click for larger image
This project is to create detailed plans for a community ¬≠created Outdoor Classroom for Tenafly Nature Center. The designs will plan a designated, managed area around the pavilion where children of all ages and abilities play and learn by engaging with and manipulating diverse natural elements, materials, organisms, and habitats, through sensory, fine motor and gross motor experiences.

Backup Generator for Visitors Center / Animal Ambassadors - $10,000 
Our indoor animal ambassadors depend on heat and light to survive. A storm knocking out power during the winter means staff have to come in and relocate animals to safe locations (often their homes). Severe storms could limit access by our staff to the nature center which could be dire to our animal ambassadors. A backup generation would ensure that our animals would survive a catastrophic event.


Pfister's Pond Bathymetric Survey - $7,000
This project will systematically measure the bathymetry (contour and depth) of Pfister’s Pond and create a 3D map in GIS (Geographic Information System). 

Pfister's Pond Species Survey - $13,000 or $21,000* 
This project will conduct an intensive survey of plants, amphibian, reptile, fish and benthic organisms (species that live in and on the bottom layers of the pond) found in the pond in summer. The survey will also identify any invasive non-native species. 
*$21,000 intensive survey - $13,000 less intensive survey. 

Project will include:
  • A map of dominant plant species and its estimated relative abundance in the Pond.
  • A list of fish, reptile, amphibian, plant, and benthic organisms found.
  • A list of native fish, reptile, amphibian, plant, and benthic organisms observed.
  • A list of non-native fish, reptile, amphibian, plant, and benthic organisms observed.


Main Trail Drainage and Surface Improvement - $6,700-$30,700*
According to our Trail Master Plan conducted by the NY/NJ Trail conference the Main Trail has serious structure and drainage issues which need to be addressed before they worsen.  Damaged and non-functional check dams/steps and water bars, leading to poor drainage and unpleasant footing including muddy in areas and eroded trail tread, resulting in areas of exposed bedrock and small rolling rocks. This project will:
  • Remove damaged and non-functional check dams/steps and water bars
  • Replace woodchips with stone crush mix or non-organic surfacing to improve tread smoothness of tread surface, Create a 66” wide tread surface. Includes de-berming where necessary.
  • Install drainage swales.
  • Realign trail east of Pfister’s Pond to provide more sustainable grades
  • Replace temporary bridging at Pfister’s Pond with retained causeway. 

*There is currently a pending Recreational Trail Grant Request pending for $24,000.  If this is approved in Spring of 2017 there will be an opportunity to fund the remaining $6,700.


Trail Head Donation Box Iron Ranger - $1,300 
Secure Donation Box for the trail head to receive donations. The Iron Ranger is a proven design with 40+ years of development and improvements, it resists the most interested vandal. 

Penny Press machine - $4,500
Visitors and school groups are always looking for an inexpensive keepsake when visiting Tenafly Nature Center.  This Penny press machine will turn U.S. pennies into elongated souvenir coins.  These souvenirs will commemorate visitors great experience and generate income for the TNC.  Price includes all customized artwork for three images and engraving.