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Scout Outings

Make your next scout outing a natural experience! Scouts can learn how to make maple syrup, apple cider, review their map and compass skills, or experience the forest in the dark - if you dare! Ready to book your program? For information on setting up a visit, or more details about the program, visit Pricing and Scheduling or contact the Scout Coordinator.

Seasonal Programs

Apple Cidering: Scouts investigate simple machines and the differences in plant parts, as they use an old-fashioned screw press to make and sample fresh apple cider. In the process, they learn about the history of the cider making from colonial times to the present. This program is offered September to November. Length=1 hour.

Maple Sugaring: Scouts learn about the process of maple sugaring in North America by visiting our tapped Sugar Maple tree. (We encourage sap tasting, if enough has been collected.)  We demonstrate both Native American and colonial syrup-making techniques. We challenge scouts to try to distinguish between corn syrup and 100% maple syrup by taste alone. This program is offered in February and March. Length=1 hour.

Pond Study: Using a variety of tools (dip nets, magnifiers, etc.) scouts will discover aquatic ecosystems and food chains participating in hands-on pond exploration. They will study diversity, adaptations and interrelationships among the organisms they find in the water, and will discuss how human activity impacts aquatic habitats. This program is offered April-September. Length=1 hour.

Seasonal Walk: Scouts will explore the wonders the season brings to the forest. On a walk along the trails,scouts will learn the forest plants and animals, and how they respond to seasonal changes! Your students can bring this knowledge back to the classroom to make their own observations! This program is offered in any season. Length=1 hour.

Map & Compass: Scouts learn the parts of a compass and how to use it to locate directions. Groups will apply this knowledge on the trails to follow pre-set courses to find  "natural treasures" hidden outdoors. Extended versions of the program can include Orienteering. This program is offered in any season. Length=2-4 hours.

Evening Programs

Batty for Bats: One of the most misunderstood creatures this program concentrates on the one mammal that flies. After games and activities, scouts will journey outside to search for and listen to bats as they actively acquire their food. This program is offered April-September. Length=1 hour.

Campfire: Songs, stories and fun filled activities around a campfire where no one is left out and everyone participates! Learn about the seasonal changes and forest animals, roast marshmallows, sip hot chocolate or cider. This program is offered in any season. Length=1 hour.

Night Hike: Experience the forest without flashlights as you develop your night vision, play games, and listen for animals during a short walk on the trails. Stars, bats, frogs, and insects are just a few of the things you may encounter at night. This program is offered in any season. Length=1 hour.

Owl Prowl: New Jersey is filled with night life and one of the more audible creatures of the night are its owls. After a short discussion about these winged wonders we will go outside for a walk in search of our night time feathered friends. This program is offered in any season. Length=1 hour.