The Butterfly House is open Wednesday through Sunday 11am-4pm weather permitting. For inclement weather please call ahead. The Butterfly House is closed Monday & Tuesday and will remain closed after October 1st.

Pokémon at TNC

Tenafly Nature Center (TNC) – home to a wealth of wildlife, is now home to Pokémon! Recent introductions to the wild have lead to a diverse group of Pokémon taking residence on the Tenafly Nature Center property. Pokémon have quickly established themselves and are attracting many Pokémon Trainers. There are already nine PokéStops on TNC’s Yellow Trail and a PokéGym at the entrance, which can be accessed from the Nature Center Visitors Center. Please note, Pokémon are the only creatures that are allowed to be captured on the TNC property.

See the press release Virtual Creatures Join The Wildlife At TNC for more information.